Humility of learning from a feldenkrais perspective

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An exploration of the Hebrew culture;
its tradition of teaching & learning and its influence on the Feldenkrais Method.

by Eva Laser

In "The Feldenkrais Method, teaching by handling". Dr Feldenkrais does not write a lengthy foreword which apparently was opposed to his deeper understanding of humility, learning and knowledge; he plainly writes exactly how he explained it in a lecture for director Peter Brook and Teatro Campesino in the early summer of 1973.

"Yochanan was a teacher of physics in one of the best schools of Israel. He was at that twenty-eight years running. Later he joined the Feldenkrais School. He worked thirteen and a half years within close quarters in the same room in which I worked. He has his own "handwriting" like all the others. Everyone learns the method without imitating his teacher. Yochanan is not imitating anybody. The book in front of you should be reread several times. That way you are likely to get most of the goodness of the book. Good Luck."

This is part of an article I wrote in 2007. Here it appears in an edited form. PDF[+]

Extract from the lecture where Dr Feldenkrais speak about humility and his ancestor Pinchas from Koretz

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